16 July 2012
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The Race is not Always to the Swift, But to Those who Keep on Running!

Summer 2012

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The Race is not Always to the Swift,
But to Those who Keep on Running!

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With 38 years of experience serving the Canadian telecommunications market, EIT partners with GENBAND to offer network transformation solutions designed to reduce cost of legacy TDM migration to VoIP and IMS technology and serving to increase customer revenue.  This cost effective migration strategy provides a highly competitive alternative and includes the C-15 or C-20 softwitch, media gateways, professional services, Line Grooming and equipment removal.


  1. 1.      NETWORK TRANSFORMATION SOLUTIONS                          

 The network transformation concept is designed to transform the network as opposed to complete replacement, effectively driving new services without interrupting existing customer services.

 The GENBAND C-15 and C-20  softswitch technology is designed to control DMS and DCO legacy line frames while also supporting the latest multi-media features and VoIP interfaces.  This provides a comprehensive suite of options for DMS and DCO users, including removing the legacy front-end while retaining existing line frames and remotes.  The line frames and remotes can now be replaced on “an as required basis” resulting in substantial cost savings and deferred cost.



 It is common knowledge that competition makes a difference and at EIT we are proud to offer the network transformation solution as a competitive alternative and choice for our Canadian customers at a time when the need for quality products, competitive pricing and full support in Canada for long term sustainability is becoming increasingly important and in demand.



EIT’s core business is providing services on an Engineer, Furnish, Install (EF&I) and Turnkey basis, resulting in both time and cost savings to our customers.

 In-country support services and the need for sustainability have taken on new meaning since the manufacturing of most telecom products have moved offshore.

 Technology will continue to change but the sustainability factor can be maintained by the availability of qualified in-country support and professional services



 The concept of Line Grooming is not new but there has been limited demand for this service to date.  However, with the introduction of Softswitch technology and now network transformation, the requirement is changing based on the need to reduce cost of AC power consumption, recover valuable real estate along with operational simplification.  Line Grooming is the consolidation of lines to capacity in unfilled line frames/cabinets effectively reducing the number of frames/cabinets required.  EIT has developed a cost effective method to offer this service without service interruption to customer services.

 Equipment removal goes hand-in-hand with Line Grooming and as noted in our last Newsletter, EIT is approved under the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) banner for refurbishing and recycling of e-waste.


  1. 5.      PRODUCTS

 EIT has Agreements in place with global manufacturers including GENBAND, Huawei, Acme Packet and Eltek Valere.  These Agreements provide EIT with access to Next Generation products and most importantly access to training, positioning the Company to offer full service including Testing and Commissioning for these products.



In concluding this newsletter, I wish everyone a great summer and thank you for taking time to read about “EIT happenings”.  Your support over the years has assisted EIT to survive and grow through difficult and turbulent economic times.  The opportunity to serve you in 2012 and beyond is our most important priority.


Best regards and thank you for your continued support.




Clift White

President & CEO

Eastern Independent Telecommunications Ltd.

613-342-9652 ext 201

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