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24/7 Technical Support for DMS, DCO, GTD-5, Alcatel, Sonet and other Legacy equipment.

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Canadian Customers save up to 50%

U.S. Customers save up to 75%

At Eastern Independent Telecom we are pleased to announce the expansion of our Innovative plan to reduce your cost of Tech-Support for Legacy Equipment including DMS, DCO, GTD5, Alcatel, Sonet and other Legacy Equipment.

The plan is a 2-Tier plan designed to reduce your cost upward of 50% while providing 24/7 back-up consultation and support for day to day requirements, emergency and catastrophic events.

Our Brand promise and standard over 40+ years remains to provide Excellence In Telecommunications insuring quality Services in meeting Customer expectations.

It’s important to note that the U.S. dollar is currently valued 35-45% higher than the Canadian dollar resulting in substantial savings by buying Canadian for U.S based customers.

For further information and quotations on any of our products and services please contact:


Darryl Brambilla
IT / Technical Assistance Group Manager, Sales & Services
(613) 342-9652 x227
Jason White
President & VP Sales
(905) 625-4545 x210

Or call our 24/7 Tech Support Line at 613-345-5074