Media Gateways

Media Gateways are quickly becoming the biggest area of focus and investment for Service Providers and the convergence of next generation networks. The graceful migration from telephone line cards of legacy TDM switches to VoIP access media gateways is now critical to network sustainability. EIT can work with you to determine the right access or trunking interface to meet your unique networking requirements. We’ll show you how to link customers served by legacy lines to new revenue generating SIP services that are already in demand.

mediagatewaysSolution Benefits

arrowred2Links customers served by legacy lines to the revenue generating SIP services cloud and mobility

arrowred2Enables cost effective replacement of TDM switches and services

arrowred2Reduces power, floor space, and maintenance costs

arrowred2Scalable optimization of port usage

Supply Partners

G2 Media Gateway
G6 Media Gateway

Tmedia TMG800
Tmedia TM3200


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