Energy Conservation


Services Designed for Energy Conservation and Protecting the Environment


DC Power System Change-Out or Upgrade – It is time to start thinking “Green”. By changing-out or upgrading old power plants and batteries, decreasing rectifier failure, reducing noise, increasing rectifier and network efficiency, reducing cooling and CO2 emissions, you save and benefit from reduced AC consumption and year-over-year costs.

Line Grooming/Frame Consolidation – Consolidating your subscribers to fewer line frames allows the excess frames to be removed effectively reducing power consumption and freeing up floor space. This is a pro-active step in preparing for the inevitable migration from Legacy switching to IP technology.

EIT has the tools, engineering and developed Method of Procedure to make the entire Line Grooming process simple and cost effective with bottom line savings and positive environmental results.

Total Migration from Legacy DMS, DCO, EWSD, GTD-5, Remotes, PABX – If you plan to transition TDM based subscribers from your Legacy switch to your Softswitch, EIT has the experience and developed processes to undertake a seamless network transition from beginning to end.  This service includes ensuring proper DC Power and grounding requirements, cable mining, and removal of all surplus cable and equipment including proper disposal of e-waste, further serving to protect the environment.

Refurbished/Upgraded Computers and Telco Equipment – EIT has a long history in refurbishing and extending the life of Telecommunications equipment serving to assist in protecting the environment and to provide a low cost alternative for Telco’s and businesses. These efforts support legacy networks during the transition period from legacy to the latest technology.

In 2010 the company expanded this division to include the refurbishing of computer equipment serving a growing market of small & medium businesses, schools, institutions, families, and seniors – while effectively serving to protect the environment and reduce e-waste.


For information and quotations of the above services, please contact:

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President & VP Sales
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IT / Technical Assistance Group Manager, Sales & Services
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