DC Power and Batteries

dcpowerEIT Energy Division offers best in class power solutions that can be customized to fit your exacting needs. And, the potential for energy savings is considerable. From multi-bay systems for large central offices to small shelf systems that can mount on a wall or occupy a single rack space, we can define, design, and deploy the right solution for you. EIT offers some of the best power products in the industry and our energy solutions support both legacy and new DC Power products.

Selecting the right battery for your specific application is critical to ensure backup power protection. Whether you are replacing your power plants existing batteries or selecting ones for a new system, you’ll want to consider important factors such as load cycles, desired run time, redundancy and others to determine the best battery for your facility. Contact your EIT DC Power and Battery specialist for more details.


batterystackSolution Benefits

arrowred2Optimized use of real estate

arrowred2Reduced power consumption lowering operational cost

arrowred2Increased network monitoring management

arrowred2Unsurpassed experience and knowledge

arrowred2Secure backup power system and support


Supply Partners

DC Power


Cordex Telco DC Power Systems
CXPS-M 1200 & CXPS-M 1200/600
Alpha AMPS 24 Inverter System
Alpha Inverter 2000
ALI Elite Indoor UPS Systems
Alpha Link UPS Monitoring
Alpha Solar Power Systems
Alpha Outdoor Shelters


NetSure 701 DC Power System
NetSure 211 Mini DC Power Series
Lorain DB 48500 Distribution Bay
NetSure RDB 0RU DC Power Distribution


Minipack Rectifiers
Flatpack Rectifiers
Compact Rectifiers



VLA – LCT/LT Series
VRLA – Liberty Series 1000


Deka Unigy I
Deka Unigy II
Deka Unigy HR


Absolyte GX VRLA Batteries

For further information and sales quotation on any of our products please contact:

Jason White
President & VP Sales
(905) 625-4545 x210
Darryl Brambilla
IT / Technical Assistance Group Manager, Sales & Services
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