Multiple HDTV’s in the home, web 2.0 based communities, hosted social networking sites, online gaming, uploading, downloading, video streaming, and peer-to-peer services. These factors plus the increasing number of home-based businesses and the trend toward telecommuting are creating an insatiable subscriber demand for greater access to faster bandwidth. To complete and win the loyalty of these subscribers, today’s ISP’s will need to create bundled service packages that offer bandwidth speeds of 50 megabits per second and higher.

Whether it’s DSLAM, VDSL, GPON or any combination of these solutions, EIT, supported by its manufacturing partners, has the engineering capability, access to all-in-one technology, and installation expertise to design, develop and deliver the optimal solution to your DSL networking needs.


dslamglobeSolution Benefits

arrowred2Point-to-multipoint access mechanism

arrowred2Reduced site restrictions and accommodate contained equipment

arrowred2High performance IPTV service

arrowred2Maximized standard phone service capacity

arrowred2Improved digital subscriber line (DSL) access

arrowred2Reduced deployment costs and simplifies transition to digital services

arrowred2Enhanced network evolution performance


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