Video Conferencing Systems

Elegant all-in-one design, easy to deploy and install

The HUAWEI TE30 is a cost-effective 3-in-1 HD videoconferencing endpoint; its compact appearance and simplified installation make it an ideal choice for small- and medium-sized conference rooms.

The TE30 is a compact system with built-in HD codec, camera, and microphone array. It takes just 1 cable and 5 minutes from unpacking to joining a video conference. Smart design enables TE30 to be wall-mounted, placed on a TV set, or ceiling-mounted with inverted installation.

Supports Video Motion Enhancement (VME) and H.264 HP; saves 50% of bandwidth.


te30Solution Benefits


720p (384kbps) and 1080p (512 kbps) picture options

arrowred2HDMI, Ethernet, and power connections

arrowred2Optional VGA Connection

arrowred2Easy Setup, Special Low Price

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