Scalable Cellular Systems

The EIT Wireless team offers STARSOLUTIONS cell site nodes and associated radio equipment.
Star Solutions International Inc. is a Canadian company based in Richmond, BC, and has been pioneering
solutions for rural markets for over 15 years. One of the early inventors of all‐IP mobile network, and has won many awards for its work in rural solutions including Mobile World Congress (MWC) Best Mobile Infrastructure award.

Building on its knowledge and experience in rural market, and using the latest technologies in wireless communications; Star Solutions meets these challenges with its 4G Sonata LTE family of wireless access network products. With just 10MHz of spectrum, Sonata LTE provides up to 70Mbps of download capacity and 35Mpbs of upload capacity (at 20MHz spectrum; 150Mbps DL/75Mbps UL). Regardless of whether the backhaul is fibre, microwave, or satellite based, Sonata LTE is easy to install and requires no local technician for its ongoing support and operation. Just three connections are required to bring the solution in to service – antenna, backhaul, and power.


scalableSolution Benefits

arrowred2Low power consumption – ideal for communities where grid power is unavailable

arrowred2Sonata LTE can be deployed as an outdoor all‐in‐one solution and can be mounted on ground level, outdoor wall, pole/tree or rooftop.

arrowred2If backhaul to the Internet is ever lost, the access network continues to operate as a stand‐alone network

arrowred2Easy to install and requires no local technician for its ongoing support and operation

arrowred2Sonata LTE supports both fixed and mobile wireless network access, providing connectivity to handheld and tablet devices as well as connectivity at the home

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