Remote and Emergency Cellular Solutions

Star Solutions remote & emergency cellular solutions deliver voice and broadband data services to CDMA2000® and GSM/GPRS mobile users, including solutions that address rural mobile, enterprise, in-building, cruise ship, portable and military applications. Our distributed network architecture delivers, and does so more cost-effectively than ever before.

Whether you are planning to build a new cellular data and voice network, looking to solve unique or complex challenges in an existing voice or data environment, trying to reduce costs and increase profits of a legacy network, or attempting a specialized cellular project, making the right choice on a technology partner to work with can determine the success of your project.


IMPACSolution Benefits

arrowred2Rapid Deployment Solutions for Emergency Communications

arrowred2Innovations in Wireless for Community & Enterprise

arrowred2All-IP Mobile Networks for Remote, Rural & Broadband

Supply Partners


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