Micro Data Centre

The Huawei MicroDC solution is an integrated micro data center that incorporates power supply/distribution devices, cabinets, heat dissipation modules, network devices, servers, security devices, cloud operating systems (OSs), and integrated management software. This solution is the only product that centrally monitors and manages ambient environment of equipment rooms and IT infrastructure. Device pre-installation enables service provisioning within 1 day, and remote monitoring allows the group headquarters to perform unified management and allows equipment rooms in branches to operate properly even when left unattended. The Huawei MicroDC solution implements unified management, rapid deployment, and simplified maintenance.


Huawei Micro Data CentreSolution Benefits

arrowred2Best solution for SOHO, bank branches, hotels, corporations, schools, shops, hospitals, industrial stations (gas, oil…) etc.

arrowred2One of the hot topics during MWC2014 discussion at Huawei stand

arrowred2CAPEX/OPEX saver for small/medium customer DC solutions

arrowred2Best DC solution for Tier 3-4 customers

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